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Affordable Housing

We need to make housing less expensive. Chapel Hill’s vibrant culture depends on being a place for everyone. That means we need to build in ways that permit housing choice, but we also need to ensure that we get smart, efficient development that integrates with our mobility network.

LGBTQ+ Protections

Our LGBTQ+ communities are under attack, and it is vital that we continue to protect, celebrate, and welcome all communities in Chapel Hill. Almost 30% of LGBTQ+ youth experience homelessness or housing insecurity. We must bring Chapel Hill rents under control to provide reasonable housing options for this vulnerable population. I strongly support efforts to help trans people access healthcare, help LGBTQ+ youth find affordable housing, and build a more inclusive community.

Supporting Schools

Our K-12 schools deserve our support. I will work closely with Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to coordinate safe and effective bus routes, improve pedestrian signage and safety, and support mentorship programs. 


Whether you walk, ride, or pedal, we need more ways to safely and conveniently get around town. We must build greenways, bike paths, and bus rapid transit routes, increase bus service, and create solutions to keep pedestrians safe. 

Environmental Justice

Protecting our climate is crucial. Reducing car-dependency, securing modern multi-family housing, and promoting green energy are all wins for the environment. We have to embrace change and be bold and ambitious to preserve the future for our young people and future generations.

Student Integration

Our students are important members of our community and deserve to have their voices heard. I will promote cooperation between the town and university, push for later bus service between campus and the town, emphasize a fun, walkable town, and support initiatives that help make good neighbors and promote connections across town.

Supporting Businesses

Our businesses make our town the unique place we know and love - and take pressure off of residential property taxes, too. I am committed to making our downtown a destination with every storefront filled and to supporting commercial investments that bring our proportion of businesses owned by women and people of color into alignment with the Town's demographics.

Parks & Green Spaces

Our kids deserve 21st century parks for a 21st century town. Thoughtful development will incorporate green space, interface with our greenways and transit system, and preserve green spaces. Our parks are due for some upgrades, and I will push for Council to finally bring a splash pad to Chapel Hill.

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