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Nice to meet you!

I was elected to the Chapel Hill Town Council in 2023. I'm a young person, a renter, and a grad student. I'm currently completing an English literature PhD at UNC Chapel Hill, where I teach classes and conduct research. I've also taught off campus in retirement communities and prisons.

As President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government from 2022-2023, I led a data-driven advocacy campaign that convinced university administrators and the Board of Trustees to increase the minimum stipend for graduate students from $17,000 a year to $20,000 a year, plus tiered increases for students already earning more than $20,000. I also advocated through UNC's basic needs task force to allocate more money to campus food pantries for students going hungry.

Chapel Hill is my home, and I am grateful to have been welcomed with open arms. My experiences as a young renter, a UNC student leader, a Planning Commission member, and an advocate have equipped me to help shape the Town’s transit and land use policies, promote commerce, and act as a bridge between UNC and the town. I hope you will trust me to put these experiences to use on the Town Council!

NCDP 1st Vice Chair, Jonah Garson; OCDP Chair, Cassie Rice; Candidate, Theodore Nollert; NCDP Chair, Anderson Clayton. The usage of this photo does not constitute endorsement by the persons in this photo.
Theodore Nollert, candidate, on UNC's campus.
Theodore Nollert and NC Governor Roy Cooper. The use of this photo on this website does not constitute endorsement by the persons depicted.
Theodore Nollert accepting an award from UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guzkiewicz. The use of this photo does not constitute endorsement by the persons depicted.
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