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Hi, I'm Theodore - I joined the Town Council in 2023. I'm here to represent you and to plan for the Town's future. When I ran, this is what I said I wanted to do :

  • PARTNER with UNC to explore new options for workforce housing

  • CREATE attractive public spaces for people to gather for work and for fun

  • INVEST in greenways and linear parks to promote connectivity and provide amenities for current and future residents

  • INVITE on-brand economic development that plays to the strengths of our Town and our university

  • ENCOURAGE thoughtful mixed-use development that incorporates green space, tree cover, and walking, biking, or busing around town

  • UNLOCK Chapel Hill's latent potential to compete with Durham and Raleigh as an artistic and cultural hub

  • EXPAND the proportion of businesses owned by women and people of color


Join me in saying YES to prosperity and YES to tomorrow!


Theodore Nollert, past president of the Graduate and Professional School Government, stands on campus at UNC Chapel Hill. Theodore Nollert is running for Chapel Hill Town Council.

Want a Town Council that listens? That's what I'm here to do!


Hi, I'm Theodore - a Chapel Hill Town Councilor and UNC graduate student leader. As a young person and a renter, I believe it's my job to step up as part of the next generation and tackle the challenges facing our town and our state head on.

I know how to work across constituencies to get things done. As President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government at UNC, I held a listening tour of 30+ departments, organized students, then persuaded the administration and Board of Trustees to implement a multi-million-dollar pay raise for graduate workers -- the largest ever in UNC history.


We're facing challenging times here in our home and in our state, but I'm confident that together, we can navigate hard conversations and secure quality public places, more workforce housing, connectivity through greenways and linear parks, on-brand economic development, and even unlock the full latent potential of Chapel Hill to compete as an artistic and cultural destination with Durham and Raleigh.


I want to hear from you! My email is Please reach out if you need help resolving an issue, navigating Town services, or exploring a way to better our town!

How We Get Around

As our community grows, we will need to expand our options for walking, riding, and pedaling around town. This will promote a more fun, healthy life, and reduce traffic, too! Recent grants to help build Bus Rapid Transit and new multi-use Greenways for bikers and walkers are signs that we are on the right track.

Where We Live

Housing costs are out of control in Chapel Hill, with rent up ~50% just since 2015. It's only fair to build housing our workers can afford. More types of housing ensure that Chapel Hill will stay diverse and inclusive as we move into the future.

How We Work

Commercial investment helps lower property taxes, which fall disproportionately on low-income earners. It also promotes a vibrant downtown! Increasing the proportion of businesses owned by women and people of color will bring business ownership into alignment with Town demographics.

I'm proud to be endorsed by many community leaders and organizations. You can see the full list here. 





Median home value in Chapel Hill

Average increase in rent since 2015

Proportion of cost-burdened renters in Chapel Hill

Miles of Greenway trail needed across Town


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Theodore for Chapel Hill

801 Coker Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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